What to Bring and Cancellation Policy

The workshop is open to participants 12 years and older.

Bring your camera, camera manual, and a tripod if available, (we have a spare to lend if you need it). A camera with adjustable exposure will permit the greatest flexibility, but a point-and-shoot will work. Lenses ranging from wide angle to long telephoto will be useful. If you have a remote release please bring it. If you don't have one don't worry, practice setting  the self timer to 2 seconds, 10 seconds will also work, so when you push the shutter button it will not jiggle the camera on long exposures. Also learn how to set your camera's ISO to manual, the lowest ISO setting, (100 or 200).

The camera fogs up when you bring it out of the cold house and into the hot humid air. I keep my camera in a warm part of the house and keep the camera bag away from the air-conditioner vent in the car on the way to the photo workshop.

 Sunscreen, a bottle of water, a hat, sunglasses, and personal insect repellent is recommended.

Beware that Jockey’s Ridge is a wearying climb in soft sand, so be prepared.


Fine pictures can be made even in light rain. The most dramatic light can be found at the edge of the weather. Bring a plastic bag to protect your camera. In the event of extreme weather, the instructor will call participants no later than 45 minutes before the scheduled start time, and the workshop will be rescheduled to the same time the next day. Refunds will only be given if the workshop is also canceled the second day. Provide the number where you can be reached the day of the workshop when you register, and be sure the phone is powered-on so you can receive a cancellation call if necessary. The decision of whether or not to cancel is solely at the discretion of the workshop leader.

Workshop fee is due at the time of your reservation.

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